BSB 2019 Round 6 – Snetterton

Richard Cooper, riding Buildbase Suzuki Team’s GSX-R 1000RR, won the race of Superstock 1000 also in Snetterton and climbs in classification with 42.5 points from Taylor Mackenzie, the second in classification who arrived third in the sixth Round.

In the Superstock 1000, Jeacock and Stamper arrived out of the points area, while Stanley, Estment and Ward retired.

In Superstock 600 class, good results came from Keyes, who arrived fifth, and from Toms and Moreton who arrived in points area.

STK 1000:

Cooper 1st

Jeacock 16th

Stamper 24th

Stanley RET

Estment RET

Milo Ward RET
STK 600:

Keyes 5th

Toms 11th

Moreton 14th

Laffins RET
Again another great victory for Richard Cooper

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