Travelling in the city between holes and cobblestones can be a problem, that can be solved by adjusting the settings and so increasing comfort. Instead, when you need a stable and accurate bike for a long trip, whether in pairs or with luggage, coordinated preload and extension adjustments, will allow you to have a proper bike.

Realized for Maxi Scooter, they have specific calibrations for each models, and they are available in the color "02V2" with black body, heads and springs black.

TECHNICAL FEATURES Gas pressurized monocameral shock absorbers (Nitrogen), with oil / gas separator floating piston. High-strength alloy steel shock absorbing body, aluminium alloy heads made from full CNC machining.


  • Spring preload (continued)
  • Extension


INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE: Application-specific mounting instructions, Suspension manual, and a tool for adjusting the preload.


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COUPLE REAR for Maxi Scooter

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