Bitubo's Story

Founded in 1963 by Scipione Mardollo, Bitubo immediately established itself as a dynamic company on anything related to the control of vibrations of any type, creating cutting-edge, innovative damping systems.

Bitubo extended its knowledge to applications such as artificial limbs, seismic dampers, damping systems for oceanic platforms, including vibration dampers for naval engines.

Since 1975, Bitubo has imposed itself at the forefront of the motorcycle market with the innovation of a famous pair of shock absorbers connected by two compensating rubber pipes – hence the name “Bitubo” – that were immediately adopted and raced by the greatest Champions.

In the track racing, the 1st World Championship was won in 1979 by E. Lazzarini in the 50cc Class, repeated the year after.
In the 125 GP class, the 1993 World Championship was won by D. Raudies, then runner-up in the 1994 season.

Among the high technology accessories, we offer Steering dampers with Nitrogen compensating coaxial chamber  (Patent since 1992).     

     In 1993 Bitubo presents the rst world fork with separate chamber with a “big piston" system.

In 1998 Bitubo introduced the revolutionary Mono 4 Regolazioni rear shock absorber. Protected by international patents, it immediately becomes the benchmark, relevant even today, in the world of suspensions technology.

In 2000 Bitubo presents the HDX00 Racing Fork, the 1st complete fork designed and created by Bitubo to revolutionize the existing technology. Completely adjustable and pressurized (nitrogen), with a not rounded outer tube and a patented big piston system

, it is adopted into the SBK World Championship, and in 2003 it wins the Italian SBK Championship.

In 2004, Bitubo collaborated with Alex Zanardi and won the CIV with the Lightspeed team.

In 2007 he participated in the Suzuka 8h event.
2008 and 2011 saw Jason Crump bring Bitubo to victory in the Speedway championship.

In 2009 Bitubo has patented a significant, innovative hydraulic system, called FPS. FPS has quickly set new track records, podiums and victories in competitions and championships. FPS is used in the new ECH29 and new RDH fork,and it is the first existing cartridge in the market with hydraulic spring preload. In the same year, Gary Mccoy took the Triumph podium equipped with Bitubo in the WSBK and Cruciani won the CIV in the SSTK1000 category.

In 2011 Bitubo won the World Supersport Championship with Chaz Davies on Yamaha YZF-R6 of the Team ParkinGo.

In 2012 Bitubo presented the 1st worldwide semiactive electroereological system for suspension (ER) for motorcycles as well as its first system of adaptive suspension (DS).

In 2013 Bitubo has won again the World Supersport Championship with Sam Lowes on Yamaha YZF-R6 of the Team Yakhnich Motorsport and celebrates 50 years of activity.

In 2015, tablets were introduced to manage and improve the flow of information and reduce paper consumption from a Green Economy perspective. In the same year he started the collaboration with the non-profit organization Motoforpeace.

Michael Dunlop won the Isle of Man Senior TT championship with 133,256 MPH lap records in 2016.

Since 2017, Bitubo is committed to guaranteeing and protecting customer expectations through the Quality, Environment and Safety Policy (you can find the Document in PDF format in the News section https://www.bitubo.com/Bitubo/cms/ENG/content/458-quality-policy.html)

In 2018 the vertical warehouse became part of the company for the traceability of lots and the pilot Davide Stirpe.

In 2022 Bitubo opens a branch in the United States with headquarters in Miami (601 Brickell Key Drive, 33131 Miami, FL - Phone number: +1 305 5171779), whose President is Giorgia Mardollo, Bitubo's Sales and Marketing Manager.

Today the range includes more than 1400 models available for Superbikes, touring bikes, Scooters.

Today Bitubo represents the ideal solution for riders who want the best for their vehicle: performance, comfort, riding precision, and most of all, the quality of an excellent product that is constantly developed in cooperation with advanced research centres and prominent universities. Tested and developed with fatigue and destruction tests, in software and dynamic simulations.

Bitubo has achieved great success in International race series such as: WSBK, BSB, CIV, CEV, IDM and many other national championships around the world.



Our technicians offer training for our resellers, dealers and importers, who would like to increase and improve the service offered to their clients and customization according to their needs. This training is offered in progressive levels ranging from suspension basics to courses for those who specialize in trackside race tuning.

Bitubo is looking to expand our worldwide support, selecting new technical centers and providing the required technical knowledge necessary to service the wide range of Bitubo products. Every year, each technical center must attend at least one training course in order to remain up to date regarding new products, technical improvements, and updates to our current products.

Bitubo offers its own know-how and structure to design suspensions under
customer’s requests and specifications, according to co-branding or private label agreements. Since 2006 Bitubo is ISO 9001 certificated and since 2017 the high-quality manufacturing process earned Bitubo the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. This high quality standard enabled our company to obtain the German homologation ABE certification for more than 60% of our catalogue; in particular, our system of adaptive suspension (DS) received a VCA homologation as first electrical system of aftermarket. Our expertise made us become supplier of PIAGGIO group since 1986, providing development and production for OEM suspensions and accessories. Moreover, we supplied sidecar Ural Company and successfully managed an Audit of BMW Group. Our aim is to enlarge our network of partners in OEM suspensions and accessories field and we are sure your partnership could be of key importance for our goal. We are eager to cooperate with WSBK Team and MOTOGP in order to strengthen this possible connection and achieve mutual goals: we have developed new material for the racing department focusing the attention on our technical centers all over the world. These centers mean technical support available everywhere for the need of final clients with revision (basic maintenance), set up, vehicle balancing, customization and products liability.

With modern premises and well organized manufacturing facilities, Bitubo has the capability and capacity to meet the specific customer demands from all over the world. Bitubo exports to Europe, USA, Canada, South America, South Africa, Asia and Oceania.


Bitubo suspensions can be optimized for each individual rider directly from the Factory: when you order your Bitubo shock, specify the intended use (racing, road, off-road), your weight as well as brand and type of tyres used.


Bitubo offers a 24 months warranty for all of our products. A selected network of service centers is available for technical support.


In 2010, Bitubo was recognized by the KBA as a company creditable of ABE certification and it thus received the ABE idetification number to homologate specific products for all markets where ABE confirms the highest quality.
Bitubo RACING mono shock XXF was the first product to be approved. The determination of Bitubo in demonstrating to the market the high technical content of its products, has pushed the company to constantly expand this recognition across the whole range of its products.
Hundreds of applications were added in Bitubo ABE homologation list in 2018.
Continuing the growth path planned more than three years ago, Bitubo aims to expand the ABE homologated shocks models and it has already been planned that both the mono and the twin shocks of Road & Racing and Harley & Cafè Racer sectors will be included to ABE homologation list in 2019.


A new area dedicated to development and competition! A section for R&D workshops, with electonic and hydraulich dyno systems: a hydraulic simulator that can replicate laps on the track in the laboratory, dynos measuring springs force, stiction and hydraulic calibration of shocks, forks and steering dampers. Scales to find the centre of gravity of the vehicole and give the correct baseline setting for the various riding conditions found in the field.
The area is reserved both for the development of new products and for R&D team meetings. In fact, only authorized staff provided with a security badge are allowed acces.

2017: Bitubo obtains the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2015

The high-quality manufacturing process earned Bitubo the quality certification UNI EN ISO 9001:2015


2018: Innovation and control thanks to the automatic warehouse system


 TIC Certification (TUV International Certificate):

Bitubo's Story

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