The Bitubo DigiShox System is a ground breaking state-of-the-art Electronic Controlled Suspension kit! Complete with pressurized front cartridges and rear shock absorbers, all electronically controlled. The DS Kit is a high-spec semi-active damping system that enables unlimited manual setups, 12 preset setup programming, automatic adjustments and automated functions according to the changes in longitudinal G-force and GPS vehicle speed. Featuring electronic Rebound and Compression adjustment with easy hydraulic spring preload to help fine tune your setup or condition.

The system comes equipped with 9 adjustments that are preset by the factory as well as 3 adjustments that can be personalized by the rider. Select preset displays through the choice of position 1, 2 or 3 via multicolor preset indicators.

Available exclusively to DigiShox users is an easy to use mobile app that riders can interface with a choice from the 9 adjustments preset programmed by Bitubo (not modifiable) and 3 (bottom of the application screen in grey) to create additional personalized setups customizable to suit the rider. The rider can then send their personalized set-ups through the application to the control unit via Bluetooth. The set-ups are also selectable through the handlebar mount selector with a reaction time of just 100 milliseconds!


  • Compact multicolored LED panel
  • Handlebar mount selector (3 Presets for Quick Adjustments)
  • Separately adjustable for front and rear
  • Electronic Compression and Rebound Adjustment
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Central Processing Unit (CPU)
  • GPS & Drop Sensor
  • Plug & Play electrical wiring

Damping Force Adjustment Modes
Solo Rider, Rider & Passenger, Enduro, Racing, Sport, Touring

Soft, Standard, & Hard settings

Developed by Bitubo to provide superior comfort and control with settings dedicated setting for solo, passenger and full load travel. The DS kit was developed with generations of world champion race-proven experience and technology gained over the years by Bitubo. Front and Rear delivered in a single kit ready to plug and play without any modifications to your bike.

Notes: This product does not electronically adjust vehicle ride height. 

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Fork cartridge and mono rear


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