Products for Yamaha YZF-R3A 2019

New products are available for Yamaha YZF-R3A from 2019.

Rear Mono XZE

ADJUSTMENTS: extension 7 clicks, spring preload stepless, lenght 10 mm
Rear Mono XXF11

ADJUSTMENTS: Low speed compression 24 clicks, High speed compression 20 clicks, extension 24 clicks , spring preload stepless, lenght 8mm 

Rear Mono XXT11

ADJUSTMENTS: Compression 24 clicks, Extension 24 clicks, preload spring stepless, lenght up to 8mm

Rear Mono XXF71

ADJUSTMENTS: mechanical spring preload, Extension, Double compression, longer lenght (+11 mm) adjustable

Rear Mono XXT71

ADJUSTMENTS: mechanical spring preload, Extension, longer lenght between centres (+11 mm)

We remind you that the cartridge Y0159JBH01V1WO is available.

Do you want to know if these products are available for your bike? 

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