KIT DS Custom Full

Kits complete with pressurised front cartridges and rear shock absorbers, all electronically controlled. These products have been developed by Bitubo to provide superior comfort in all situations, with settings dedicated to solo, with passenger and full load journeys.
The DS CUSTOM kit contains all the experience and technology acquired over the years by Bitubo in a single ready-to-use kit which can be installed without any modification to your bike. Suspension control with dedicated settings designed for your journeys can be modified and activated in the DS system in just a few moments, to be selected and modified quickly while riding and to enjoy your
customisation to the full on all journeys. Moreover, once the desired setting has been selected, the control unit optimises its adjustments based on the speed detected by the GPS, so as to keep the vehicle comfortable at low speeds and controlled at high speeds. The APP to customize 3 of the 12 settings selectable while riding is available on Play Store and Apple Store.

The kit is composed by:
GPS / E-Lean
Selector SET-UP
LED pannell
Rear Twin shock


Adjustment for cartridge:
Electronique adjustment: rebound, compression
Hydraulique adjustment: spring preload

Rear Twin shock:
Left shock:
Electronique adjustment: rebound, compression, spring preload

Right shock:
Manual adjustment: lenght

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