Reduce front end dive under braking for ultimate ride control with the Bitubo Cartridge Style Fork Spring Kit. Bitubo has combined generations of family race-proven experience to create a High-Performance World Champion Cartridge Style Fork Spring Kit for your Harley-Davidson! 100% rebuildable, up to 30 mm of ride height adjustability depending on the application (Lowering Kit included inside the pack).

Plug & Play fitment drops right into standard forks with installation instructions and necessary hardware included. Optimize ride comfort with fine tune preload adjustment featuring 10 turns/10mm on both top caps. Included in each box is two cartridge style fork caps, fork springs, Lowering Kit (up to 30mm depending on the model), install sheet and preload adjustment tool. Like all Bitubo products, the KB can be completely rebuilt, serviced and is covered by a Long-Life Warranty.


  • Length
  • Spring Preload

BOX INCLUDES: Installation instructions including recommended oil level and viscosity. A lowering kit that lowers up to 30mm (depending on the model). Pre-load Adjustment Tool

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Spring kit and cap

Cartridge Style Fork Spring Kit

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