New Applications for Yamaha Tenere 700

Bitubo is pleased to announce the new applications for Yamaha Tenere 700 from 2019.

Cartridge JBH      

Fork cartridge dedicated to modern "Dual Sports", with inverted fork characterized by a wide range of excursions.
Developed to offer stability during braking and a support consistency that offers maximum driving safety.

  • Spring preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression
Product Code: Y0161JBH01V2

Available from 01-10-2021

Rear Mono XZE31V2

The third step of the series is enriched by the hydraulic spring preload, which is easy to use whenever necessary to tailor the set-up to suit the load.
  • Rebound                  7 click
  • Spring preload          stepless
  • Length                      10mm
Product Code: Y0161XZE31V2

Rear Mono CLU31V2 

State of the art technology and performance thanks to the innovations introduced in our products.
  • Low speed compression                        24 clicks
  • High speed compression                       20 clicks
  • Rebound                                                24 clicks
  • Spring preload                                       12 mm = 24 clicks
  • Length                                                    8mm

Product Code: Y0161CLU31V2

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