From an important growth plan perspective, Bitubo has planned the achievement of the ABE homologation issued by the German Motorization. The process is already at an advanced stage and will lead Bitubo to approve over 80% of the products in the catalog. This type of approval has already been achieved by a large part of the rear shock absorbers, thus covering most of the existing fleet of Sport bikes, Harley Davidson, Cafe Racers and Maxi Scooters.
The achievement of these certifications is a source of great pride for Bitubo and its sales network. Demonstration of the achievement of a high quality standard of the company, the ABE homologation allows you to keep the vehicle in line with current regulations and, therefore, safely use the vehicle on public roads, even in countries where this homologation is mandatory by law. All Bitubo products with ABE approval will be provided with a certificate inside the package and with a sticker on the shock body having the approval number of the product.
Bitubo: performance, comfort and safety!

13.01.2021: New TEILEGUTACHTEN certificacion for JBH Cartridges

28.01.2021: New ABE certification for JBH Cartridges 

22.10.2021: New ABE certification for Scooter products (GYM)

06.09.2022: New ABE certification for shocks (W)

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