New Applications for MV Agusta SUPERVELOCE

Bitubo is pleased to announce the new applications for MV Agusta SUPERVELOCE from 2020

Cartridge JBH

Pressurized cartridge with more stability during braking and a support consistency that offers maximum driving safety. Plug & Play, it doesn't require any modification of original components and allows you to restore original suspensions at any time.
  • Spring preload
  • Rebound 
  • Compression 
Product Code: MV002JBH01V1WO
EBH Cartridge

The pressurised EBH cartridge contains a series of innovative systems such as the already known FPS, EC, LC and the new Overpressure Control System OPC (over pressure control)

                                              TECHNICAL FEATURES
  • Hydraulic control with FPS system (Bitubo Patent) Ø27mm Ergal piston
  • Ø 10mm pumping rod with anti-friction surface coating
  • Mechanical bottom-out with polyurethane buffer in NBR
  • Cr-Si steel springs with heat treatment, bedding process and final shot blasting
  • Upper fork cap with integrated spring preload adjustment
  • Independent damping adjustment in compression and extension
  • Coaxial Compensation Chamber (Bitubo Patent)
  • Ergal cartridge body with anti-friction surface coating
  • Hydraulic lubrication separated from sliding lubrication
  • Pressurization force control system 
Product Code: MV002EBH09 
Without Oil version is available with the following code: MV002EBH00WO

Sliding Kit for Front Fork 

Bitubo selects the best bushings placed in Ergal hardware, designed to decrease the static friction of surfaces while the fork is deformed. The only turnkey product to avoid imprecision. Performance is taken to the highest level by combining improved bushings with seals that have a low coefficient of stiction.


  • pair of lower bushings placed inside a ring made of 7075 Ergal, dimensionally precise.
  • pair of rod oil seals, impregnated with a lubricant.
Product Code: KITS039
Rear Mono XZE 

Gas (Nitrogen) pressurized shock absorber with oil/gas floating piston. Steel 
body, Ø 14 mm steel rod with low friction surface treatment and CNC machined billet Ergal heads



  • Spring preload                          Stepless
  • Rebound                                    7 clicks
  • Adjustable length                      10 mm
Product Code: MV010XZE11

Rear Mono XXT

Direct descendat of XXZ racing mono shock Bitubo top range, the new mono schock XXT is the result of the research experience and information collected by out technicians from tracks worldwide.

Compression               24 clicks
Rebound                     24 click
Spring preload             stepless
Lenght                        up to 8mm

Product CodeMV010XXT11

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