New Applications for Guzzi V7 IV

Bitubo is pleased to announce the new applications for Moto Guzzi V7 IV, models V7 IV STONE (850cc) dal 2021 and V7 IV CENTENARIO (850cc) 2021.

Cartridge JBH 
Dedicated to Cafè Racer, Harley Davidson and Modern Classic, the JBH1 Kit can be folded up to -30 mm depending on the application to further customize your "Special".
• Length
• Spring preload
• Rebound
• Compression
Product code: G0016JBH12WO

Caps and springs kit
Does your bike need more braking support? The KB1 kit is the answer!
Plug & Play, doesn't require any modification of original components and allows you to restore original suspensions at any time.
Revisable in all its parts so to maintain a constant efficiency throughout the life of the bike.
  • Spring preload
Product code: G0016KB12WO

Springs kit
The first step to personalize your bike according to your needs and improve the feedback from the front, whether for use on the race track or for touring is to replace the front fork springs.
The linear springs are recommended for use on sport bikes requiring an even response on the complete stroke of the front end.

Product code: MG03

Rear Twin WMB
Made for the "Classic" bikes, with double dampers at the rear, they have specific calibrations for each application
These shock absorber enhance the comfort and control of the vehicle while driving thanks to the internal hydraulic system. Linear or progressive springs are chosen depending on the vehicle application type.

Product code: G0034WMB02V2 / G0034WMB03

Rear Twin WME
Riding in the city, on hollows and manhole covers, can be a problem, solved by moving the adjustment and thus increasing comfort. In any need of a stable and precise motorcycle on a long journey, the adjustment will allow you to have a proper motorcycle.

  • Spring preload (stepless)
  • Rebound (stepless)
Product codeG0034WME02V2/ G0034WME03

Rear Twin WME2
Bitubo has equipped its WME couples with the compact hydraulic preload. With this device, it is possible to change the spring preload without having to act on adjusting rings
Product code: G0034WME22V2

Rear Twin WMT
WMT improves the vehicle control even at a higher level of sport riding.

Several adjustments are available which allow the rider to personalize this shock Each model is supplied with a specific calibration and length. The shock can be fully rebuilt. These shocks have been developed for high- and low-powered Touring and sport bikes
  • Spring preload (stepless)
  • Rebound (5 or 7 clicks)
  • Compression (12 clicks)
Product code: G0034WMT02V2
Rear Twin WMT2 

The most adjustable High-Performance shocks for your Harley! The WMT-COMPACT Piggyback shocks are designed, tuned and handmade in Italy by world champion race-proven suspension experts. Easily adjustable with a compact hydraulic preload collar allowing up to 20mm of compression adjustment. The exposed remote reservoir featuring a 12 click compression knob, stepless 5 position rebound adjustment lever and fine thread preload nut to help setup the ride for maximum performance

Codice prodotto: G0034WMT22V2

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