New Application for Honda x-adv

Bitubo is pleased to announce the new applications for Honda X-ADV 750 from 2022

Rear MonoShock XZE01
This suspension, adjustable in spring preload, improves the comfort and control of the vehicle.
  • Spring preload (stepless)        Stepless
  • Rebound                                7 clicks
Product code: H0160XZE01

Rear Monoschock XZE11
The adjustable length is useful when modification of the original balance is required.
  • Spring preload                     Stepless
  • Rebound                              7 clicks
  • Adjustable length                 10 mm
Product code: H0160XZE11
Rear Monoshock XZE31
The third step of the series is enriched by the hydraulic spring preload, which is easy to use whenever necessary to tailor the set-up to suit the load.
  • Hydraulic Spring preload               Stepless
  • Rebound                                       7 clicks
  • Adjustable length                         10 mm
Product code: H0160XZE31
If you would like to buy this product CLICK HERE!

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