News applications for Electra Glide Ultra

Bitubo offers rear shock absorbers for the Harley Davidson FLHTK Electra Glide Ultra Lim model. since 2017

Cartridge JBH1 
Plug &Play, requires no modification of the original components and allows to restore the original suspensions at any time.
Can be revised in each of its parts in order to maintain a constant efficiency throughout the life of the motorcycle.
Revisable in each part to maintain a constant efficiency throughout the life of the motorcycle.
Dedicated to the Cafè Racer, Harley Davidson and Modern Classic, the JBH1 Kit is lowered to -30 mm depending on the application to further customize your "Special"
Available in JBH72 version with wheelbase +50 mm/ +2"

  • Length
  • Spring Preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression
Product code: HD011JBH12WO / HD011JBH72WO

 Rear shocks WMB

Dedicated to Harley Davidson, Modern Classic, and Custom, they have specific settings for each application, and they are available in different colors: "01" with red spring for more sporty applications, "02V2" totally black for more classic applications, and "03" fully chrome.

  • Spring preload (stepless)
Product code: HD040WMB0* interasse 306mm/ HD051WMB0* interasse 316mm/ HD054WMB0* interasse 326mm


Rear shocks WME 

Traveling in the city between holes and looks can be a problem, resolvable by adjusting regulations and thus increasing comfort. When you need a stable and precise motorcycle for a long journey, in couple and with luggage, the coordinated regulations of prestressing and relaxation will allow you to have a suitable motorcycle.

  • Spring preload (stepless)
  • Rebound
Product code: HD040WME2* interasse 306mm/ HD051WME2* interasse 316mm/ HD054WME2* interasse 326mm

Rear shocks WME2 

With WME22V2, Bitubo introduces compact hydraulic preload on all pairs of shock absorbers in the WME range. This new device allows you to adjust the preload of the spring, without having to intervene on the adjustment rings provided for this purpose, by means of a hex wrench or thanks to a very practical adjustment handle offered as an accessory.

Product code: HD040WME2* interasse 306mm / HD051WME2* interasse 316mm / HD054WME2* interasse 326mm

Rear shocks WME22V3   
The new torque is offered in the "Dark edition" version, and has the possibility to adjust the hydraulics in extension and vary the preload of the spring using the comfortable handle placed on the shock absorber allowing adjustment without removing the side cases.
Bitubo, as always, has developed these new shock absorbers by seeking the best possible degree of comfort, increasing the degree of control of the bike in each situation, thus obtaining the same safety with any type of load applied to the motorcycle.
  • Stepless Extension
  • Hydraulic spring preload 12mm = 24 clicks
Product code: HD040WME22V3 interasse 306mm/ HD051WME22V3 interasse 316mm/ HD054WME22V3 interasse 326mm

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