New products for Harley Davidson Softail

Bitubo presents the new products for Softail!
Softail Street Bob 2018:

Cartridge HD009JBH12WO
This pressurized cartridge can be adjusted in Length, Spring preload, Rebound, Compression
The spring kit has different K
MX118 K= 0.6
MX119 K= 0.65
MX 120 K= 0.7
MX121 K= 0.75

Softail Street Bob 2018, FXLR Low Rider 2018, FLSL Slim 2018:

Rear Mono HD049XZE12V3

Rear Mono HD049XZE32V3

Gas (Nitrogen) pressurized shock absorber with oil/gas floating piston. Steel body, Ø 14 mm steel rod with low friction surface treatment and CNC machined billet Ergal heads.

ADJUSTABLE IN: Spring preload - Stepless, Rebound - 7 clicks, Adjustable length - 10 mm

Softail FXBB Street Bob 2018, FXBR Breakout 2018, FXBRS Breakout 114 2018, FXFBRS Breakout 114ANX 2018:

Spring Kit + Cap Group HD010KB12WO

Do you want to know if these products are available for your bike? 

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