Rear Mono and Cartridge available for 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M

Now available Rear Mono and Cartridge for 2015 Yamaha YZF-R1M.

Rear Mono XXF11


Low speed compression - 24 clicks

High speed compression -  20 clicks

Rebound - 24 clicks

Spring preload -stepless

Length - 8mm

Code Y0149XXF11

Rear Mono XXF31

Low speed compression - 24 clicks

High speed compression -  20 clicks

Rebound - 24 clicks

Spring preload  - 12 mm = 24 clicks

Length - 8mm

Code Y0149XXF31

Rear Mono XXFB1


Low speed compression  - 24 clicks

High speed compression - 20 clicks

Rebound - 24 clicks

Spring preload - 10 mm = 20 clicks

Length - 8mm

THE PNEUMATIC SPRING PRELOADER, previously only available for official teams, is now available to everyone! Precision, speed and lightness are the essence of this new adjustment device. It works through a rechargeable tank with quick connection, available on demand.       

DLC COATING of the piston rod to reduce friction, therefore providing an immediate damping feedback during suspension oscillations.

Code Y0149XXFB1

Pressurized Cartridge ECH29


Spring preload - hydraulic

Compression - 24 clicks

Rebound - 24 clicks

Code Y0139ECH29

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