New application for Panigale V4 1100 ABS

Bitubo is pleased to announce the new prodcuts for Ducati Panigale V47 1100 ABS from 2018.

EBH cartridge with longer length
  • Spring preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression
Available in the version EBH50WO

The KIT S  (lower bushings) is developed to increase the smoothness of the fork because it drastically reduces this value, improving the smoothness, the more it increases the speed of fork sliding.

Steering Damper kit original mounting
  • Shock absorber with coaxial pressurized chamber (exclusive patent since 1992) 
  • Light alloy connections mad from full
  • 18 damping clicks
Do you want to know if these products are available for your bike? 

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