New applications for Kawasaki Z1000

Bitubo is pleased to announce the new applications for Kawasaki Z1000 from 2014 to 2016.

EBH Cartridges 
The pressurised EBH cartridge contains a series of innovative systems such as the already known FPS, EC, LC and the new Overpressure Control System OPC (over pressure control)
These systems are the result of a long experience of development by our R&D department in collaboration with some of the best Teams that participated in the World SBK, BSB, IDM, CIV.
  • Spring preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression
JBH Cartrdiges 
Pressurized cartridge with more stability during braking and support consistency that offers maximum driving safety.
  • Spring preload
  • Rebound
  • Compression
Rear Mono XZE31 
Rear mono enriched by the hydraulic spring preload, which is easy to use whenever necessary to tailor the set-up to suit the load.
  • Hydraulic Spring preload                     Stepless
  • Rebound                                              7 clicks
  • Adjustable length                                 10 mm
Rear Mono CLU31 
Applied to all shocks absorbers for BMW, which have hydraulic preload. This handgrip has an ergonomic design with three lobes that make adjustment easier without the need of any uncomfortable tools. Available as spare part, it can be applied into all hydraulic preload mono shocks XXF-CLU-CYU and XZE series produced since 2009. The compensation tank is separated from the body for better fluid cooling and more freedom in the mounting position. It is  connected by a flexible hose, braided for very high pressure to improve the shock feedback and to increase the grip and comfort
  • Low speed compression                             24 clicks
  • High speed compression                            20 clicks
  • Rebound                                                      24 clicks
  • Spring preload                                             12 mm = 24 clicks
  • Length                                                          8mm
Products available from 01.06.2021

Do you want to know if these products are available for your bike? 

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